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折弯还是不折弯 – 这是一个问题!
克朗斯股份公司 - 成功实施数字化战略,也包括内部建设
使用Smap3D Plant Design完成管道设计和生产,通过一个综合的系统,加快了设计和相关的过程。我们非常高兴这些都得到了良好的施行。

Neutraubling/Nittendorf(请下载 PDF 文档以了解更多)
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"有了中文用户界面,以及集成的管子规格文件,我们可以容易而快速地培训新员工。也由于软件的易用性和清晰的结构,我们的团队有很高的积极性并非常乐意使用Smap3D Plant Design.”
桂雄亮, 部门经理, 流体和钢结构(更多)
Reference Smap3D Plant Design

"With the integrated solution for pipeline planning, we are working up to three times faster than the previous process. The combination of CAD, piping design, PDM and ERP has improved our efficiency, reduced costs and increased quality.”
Christian Montag, Group Leader of Mechanical Design (more)
Reference for Smap3D Plant Design

Grundfos Holding A/S, Denmark
"Our partner has solved all questions of detail with a homogenous complete solution. We are already impressed by the usability and efficiency."
Lars Peder Hansen, project manager (more)
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Siemens s.r.o., Czech Republic
"Through time savings with Smap3D Plant Design, our designers can use their knowledge and time for innovative ideas to meet market demands.”
Jaroslav Klima, head of design group F&U (more)
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Cougar Sales, Inc., USA/TX
"In the few short weeks that I have used Smap 3D Piping I have noticed a significant improvement in the time it is taking to draw one of our fabricated skids. Smap 3D's Pipe Class Specification and Partfinder modules have allowed me to easily add correct piping
and vendor supplied parts to my database for a truly complete 3D production drawing.
Daniel Leos, product development/marketing (more)
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"The combination of Smap3D Piping, the Smap3D Plant Design Library and Smap3D PartFinder makes this an extremely valuable solution for us.“
Falko Lameter, IT manager (more)
Reference for Smap3D Plant Design

IAF Process Engineering, Austria
"Pipe class specifications ensure that corporate knowledge is available to every user, including new employees, with speed and process-reliability."
Christian Mehlsack, technical director (more)
Reference for Smap3D Plant Design

Schwanner GmbH, Germany
"With Smap3D Plant Design we can cover the entire design process, from the creation of 3D models to isometric output including BOMs, and have thereby minimized errors and significantly increased our productivity."
Markus Frank, construction manager (more)

Kilger GmbH ServicePartner, Germany
"Wrong orders – caused by incorrect drawings and cut lists – are a thing of the past and we have been able to reduce assembly rework by about 20%."
Franz Kilger, managing director (more)
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Wilmsen Engineering GmbH, Germany
"Since the introduction of the software, design errors have been eliminated because the information from the 3D models is transferred automatically. At the touch of a button, changes to the pipeline paths are available at any time as an isometric. This makes Smap3D Plant Design a very useful link in the process chain."
Dietmar Wilmsen, managing director (more)
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Reseller references

Solidpro GmbH, Germany
"Because of the professional sales training and technical training by CAD Partner, our team can expertly advise our customers and provide optimal customer support."
August Kurz, sales manager (more)

Solidpro GmbH

graphIT, Ltd., Hungary
"Our Piping Customer Days are a very successful marketing tool for us, mainly as a result of the participation of the CAD Partner consultants. Our customers and potentially interested parties benefit enormously from the industry experience of the CAD Partner team. A true gain and an added value for everyone!"
Péter Sallay, managing director (more)

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Solid System Team GmbH, Germany
"From the start of our cooperation, CAD partner has supported us perfectly through ongoing training and roadshows. With this know-how due to the intensive support, it is possible for us to contact and acquire new clients and provide service to them independently."
Joachim Mack, managing director (more)
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