Added Value for 3D Designer

Assembly and pipeline design requirements

The goal is the correct and straightforward design of plant layouts and pipelines. Ideally, using information from P&ID schematics.

Tasks and workflows

  • Repeated entry of information already defined in schematics
  • Integration and possible repeated entry of the information specified in the schematic
  • Manual setup of pipelines by repeatedly inserting the components (e.g. pipes, fittings, valves and instrumentation)
  • Selection, building and placement of the individual components of various models, dimensions, materials and standards
  • Manual changes in the pipe route and/or diameter (possibly with high expenditure of time)

The Smap3D Piping solution

Smap3D Piping has numerous automatic functions. The result is significantly faster design.

Solutions and advantages

On demand, Smap3D Piping can take over and utilize all the information from Smap3D P&ID.

  • Efficiency through the direct use of information from the P&ID
  • Error minimization through the selection of predefined information with the help of the To-Do List

Smap3D Piping is fully integrated into the 3D CAD system.

  • Works with native CAD data, so there is no data loss from import/export to other software
  • Highly efficient design through the maintenance of data intelligence

Smap3D Piping uses pipe classes for highly automated 3D pipeline planning

  • Process reliability through the use of pipe classes
  • Relevant know-how remains within the company
  • Clear and faster training of new employees through defined standards
  • Significant time savings through automation in the generation of pipelines including all arcs, fittings, flanges and valves

Changes in the pathway and/or diameter can be carried out very quickly and efficiently with Smap3D Piping

  • Major time savings when making changes

Read about more Smap3D Piping functions here.


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