Added Value for P&ID Designer

Process engineering requirements

In plant design, process flow diagrams (PFDs) and/or flowcharts must be created as P&IDs. This

requires schematic drawings of the plant, with or without process parameters at defined symbols.

Tasks and workflows

  • Easy creation of diagrams (schematics) using standards
  • Creation of process and item lists from schematics
  • Detailed review and validation with major loss of time, e.g. missing TAG numbers, matching of diameters
  • Symbols and lines and not linked with one another: they must be realigned and relinked each time!
  • Creation of symbol legends
  • Transfer of electrical-related information to electrical CAD

The Smap3D P&ID solution

Smap3D P&ID provides significant support in process engineering.
It contains multiple solutions for different requirements.

Solutions and advantages

Smap3D P&ID includes symbol libraries and symbols from common standards

  • Time savings and faster implementation

Smap3D P&ID offers multiple ways to integrate component and pipeline information:

- With freely definable process characteristics
- From one freely definable database
- From one ERP system

  • More flexibility for various projects

Smap3D P&ID allows you to generate any parts and components lists or analyses. These can be exported, processed and even re-imported in various formats such as XML or MS Excel. Changed information is also incorporated into the project during this process.

  • Significant error minimization through the automatic generation of lists
  • Creation of lists for the electrical CAD
  • Elimination of manual data entry into a second system and media discontinuity

Smap3D P&ID includes integrated design reviews and validation.

  • Increased efficiency through automatic checking for possible sources of error

Smap3D P&ID can use pipe classes.

  • Higher process reliability and simple integration into 3D

Smap3D P&ID contains intelligent connections between symbols and lines, so that they can be easily and conveniently moved

  • Fast and easy modification and customization of diagrams

Read about more Smap3D P&ID functions here.


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