Added value for Electrical Designer

Smap3D Electrical - is an innovative, powerful and highly automated ECAD software designed specifically for electrical engineering requirements - for drawing circuit diagrams for circuit diagrams, control circuits, pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams and much more. It is regarded as easy to learn and convinces with its attractive price-performance ratio.

In electrical engineering, the software can be used for the following specialist areas:

  • Electrical planning
  • Pontrol engineering
  • Control and automation technology
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Pydraulic system
  • Pneumatics
  • Power engineering
  • Switch cabinet construction

The software allows your employees to use their resources as effectively as possible, allowing additional time for other important tasks.

Gain time every day is difficult. Therefore, choosing ECAD software that uses your current resources as effectively as possible is critical.

Let Smap3D Electrical revolutionize your work

Smap3D Electrical is the revolution in electrical CAD software. You can now design your workflow so that you have practically 80% of the documentation in place before you start.

You may be wondering how that works

When creating the electrical documentation, you usually use the same 30-40 part drawings, which you use in different combinations. These partial circuits/partial drawings can also be provided with different article data, depending on which physical components the symbols represent in the drawings. In Smap3D Electrical you can drag these part drawings directly to the project pages and simultaneously select which models of the part drawings you want to use - and thus which part data you want to automatically append to the individual symbols in the selected part drawing.

Smap3D Electrical from a management perspective

"Time is money"

The intelligence in the software described at the beginning makes it easy for your employees to perform their tasks efficiently, competently and, above all, time-savingly and thus easily create professional documentation that meets all requirements. The duration of the design processes can thus be significantly shortened.

But even more important is that we are always at your side with advice and practical support. This ensures that your employees never come to a standstill. Instead, they are supported quickly and effectively by us.

Smap3D Electrical from the user's point of view

"More time is more space"

Smap3D Electrical offers you the design security and overview you need every day.

Your added value is time saved because much in the schematic is done before you start. This added value, as described above, is done by an intelligent "module and model based drag & draw".  This means that in Smap3D Electrical in many cases you only drag and drop partial diagrams and modules from your library into your project. And the documentation is ready - including circuit diagrams, PLC circuit diagrams and completed lists of all kinds. Through this intelligent work in the software, you simplify your design work enormously, save time and are very flexible in your daily work.

Read about more Smap3D Electrical functions here.


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