Benefits for Process Engineers

Our Smap3D Plant Design solutions supports project engineers in all phases of their project:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detail Engineering
  • Execution Planning
  • Commissioning.

Due to the numerous templates, Smap3D P&ID enables a quick start to the project. BOMs, components or borders and title blocks as well as extensive symbol libraries are available immediately. Similar projects only have to be prepared once. E.g the reuse of assemblies and parts of symbols to quickly create new projects.

Smap3D Piping generates reports and lists automatically. Separate evaluations no longer need to be maintained manually because all evaluations such as parts lists, electrical consumer list and process tag list are based on the schematics created in the Smap3D P&ID.  

Smap3D Piping transfers all data from the 3D planning into Smap3D Isometric for the production of manufacturing documents. All documents reflect the same, synchronized planning status.

  • Continuous data transfer from P&ID via 3D piping to isometrics
  • Process reliability through synchronization of the data
  • On-demand evaluation of the current planning status at the push of a button
  • Early access of order processes for the customer by an early creatation of the parts list possible
  • Continuous reporting to clients, eg. Current status of the schematics
  • Status of order processes can be viewed and corrected via connectivity to ERP
  • connection to PDM Studio for an overview of all documents and revisions


P&ID 3D 管道 ISO单线图 管道等级/规格 钢结构 Steel to NC PDM/ERP 接口 电气设计 Stress Simulation Bending Simulation Pipe Fabrication 3D Laser Scan

Smap3D 工厂设计介绍.3分钟

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